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1 Gram Sativa Pre-Rolled Cones 5 for $20

(21 customer reviews)

  • Supplier: Friendly Extraction Co.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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      1 x 1 Gram Sativa Pre Rolled Cone.


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    21 reviews for 1 Gram Sativa Pre-Rolled Cones 5 for $20

    1. bree (verified owner)

      Very impressed with these. As others have mentioned I was iffy at first but gave these a shot and really enjoyed them. You get 5g worth of product for a few dollars more than some of the half gram pre-rolls sold by the government here in Ontario

    2. ye (verified owner)

      I’m much more of a bong smoker but I bought these for something different and they were great.

    3. Jame (verified owner)

      Nice size. Great for the price

    4. Frod (verified owner)

      Love these! Great high, nice size, super handy and great for sharing.
      Worth every dime!

    5. Chri (verified owner)

      Put together better than I could too, well ground as well. Overall pretty damn decent, size is good too.

    6. goul (verified owner)

      5 pre roll 1.4gram per joint wow wow i love it worth the money

    7. dies (verified owner)

      Would order again… I was hesitant but the high was great and the joints were a great size… like snoop dog style….def reorder

    8. perr (verified owner)

      Excellent for the price.

    9. FaHr (verified owner)

      perfect party/group doobs. it’s a 5$ gram in a big paper pre rolled. perfect for on the go moments with friends.

    10. jsin (verified owner)

      Awesome price, especially when there’s a sale!

    11. call (verified owner)

      for the price these are just fine.

    12. Ciga (verified owner)

      These cannons were a big hit at my buddies birthday bash.

    13. jsin (verified owner)

      Loved these, great price and convenient.

    14. Cana (verified owner)

      They were a little squished during shipping which loosened the roll slightly, nothing a little love couldn’t fix. these monsters are made for great group sessions with an Excellent party buzz, but can easily be chipped and saved if smoking solo.

    15. BigJ (verified owner)

      Great product and price. Great job Greenz!!

    16. LD (verified owner)

      These are great. They nip out really well if you want to control your intake, the smell is pretty potent but I love dank weed. Will definitely order again!

    17. theh (verified owner)

      Again love these pre-rolls, good bud, great price,will order again,

    18. Mela (verified owner)

      I was quite skeptical when ordering these, fearing the unknown and assuming they would be dry. But I absolutely loved these. Being super sensitive to harshness, they were so smooth I could smoke with no discomfort. They are mild but the ability to smoke much more balanced that out. Will definitely buy again. I only take away one star because they are unknown strains and out of my 5 joints, one hit me heavy with sleepiness.

    19. Ciga (verified owner)

      I like it a lot!

    20. ItsS (verified owner)

      Great for the price & convenience. Will definitely grab these again.

    21. Mike (verified owner)

      Was iffy at first when ordered was really impressed with the feeling afterwards a little harshness to it but overall was really worth the price!

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