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GT Banana Glue Rosin (Solvent Free)

(33 customer reviews)

  • Supplier: Gastown, Yaletown Flower Co.

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  • Product Highlights
      Yaletown Flower collaboration with Gastown bring you Banana Glue, with a nice buddery texture and lots of fruity terps this one is FIRE!! all our rosin products are 100% solvent free and are vacuum purged for stability and to remove any impurity’s


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33 reviews for GT Banana Glue Rosin (Solvent Free)

  1. adra (verified owner)

    Best rosin, flavor and high. Anything from gastown is 🔥

  2. VicT (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing terpene profile on this stuff! I can’t stop openning the jar just to smell it. Its mostly gluey with just nice hint of banana in the background. I love it. Its also got a good potentcy level and the texture is nice and buddery and easy to work with.

  3. kcot (verified owner)

    Decent rosin, though didn’t give me the most optimal high.

  4. Logi (verified owner)

    Perfect texture, perfect smell and perfect taste.

  5. Anar (verified owner)

    Very tasty thanks to Gastown

  6. Blon (verified owner)

    Great hight totally worth it

  7. Bron (verified owner)

    I would order again. Not as banana like as banana WiFi but still a great high and wonderful buddery texture.

  8. Bamb (verified owner)

    Very smooth, loved the taste would recommend this rosin for sure, leaves a good high and lasts a while

  9. Moos (verified owner)

    Tastes good with a good high. Love the creamy hard texture

  10. capt (verified owner)

    great rosin great terps smooth and creamy

  11. gree (verified owner)

    Bananna terpy 5 star stuff!

  12. Shel (verified owner)

    Good stuff, bit of an add taste, very much a butter however and less what you see in the pic

  13. rede (verified owner)

    Stanky aroma but it does a nice trick.

  14. MosH (verified owner)

    Great bang for the Buck! Great light brown colour, very solid consistency making it great for vape tools and dab rigs. As far as rosin go the aroma is not as overwhelming as others, but its the sharp skunky concentrate smell. The flavour is much like the taste, and it comes on strong with immediate cerebral high. Last a few hours depending on your tolerance.

    Due to the price 5/5

  15. capt (verified owner)

    this is some super tasty stuff when it comes to rosin. Nice flavor and smooth buttery rosin tasted like a real winner and you can taste the gorilla glue at the end of your bong hit. best Rosin I have had so far here.

  16. cass (verified owner)


  17. Krae (verified owner)

    Simply amazing. Super tasty and very strong. Highly recommend this to everyone who likes concentrates

  18. pink (verified owner)

    This tastes awesome and great for relaxing

  19. merm (verified owner)

    Very nice

  20. Tris (verified owner)

    Super tasty! fruity, creamy, and suuuper dank! This is definitely some of that good good.

  21. mitc (verified owner)

    My first time trying rosin, and it didn’t disappoint! So smooth and tasty. With a great hybrid high.

  22. CasC (verified owner)

    The top rated rosin I have ever smoked. Really nice taste. Very natural. Really nice head high

  23. Chea (verified owner)

    very nice stuff

  24. Jere (verified owner)

    The banana flavor is pretty strong and the smoke is really smooth going down the lungs I gotta give this a 4 stars

  25. TopP

    In all of the concentrates I’ve bought, this is easily the best one I’ve ever had. I was immediatly after opening the jar, I was hit with a fruity aroma . Once I dabbed it, I had the same sweet taste that made me feel a deep relaxation I would love to order again. If you want to see pictures, I’ll have one tomorow on my Instagram account @toppotninja.

  26. pura (verified owner)

    It had less banana taste compared to the strawberry banana rosin, so it was def more glue, but woow absolutely loved it!! The consistency was perfectt, and of course the colour. Would probably get it again

  27. Evol

    Ordered gorilla glue # 4 rosin and was upgraded to this as they were sold out. Very nice rosin, I enjoyed the texture and nose. There was as much kick as I expected, which worked out to be a perfect day time

    Would definitely recommend, just look at the colour!

  28. Deje (verified owner)

    Personally I don’t taste the banana much. It’s like a hint of banana but mostly glue. Ha ha. Smells of sweet bananas. Great buddery texture. Feels spacey to me. Pretty potent too.

  29. bioh (verified owner)

    Wow, smells like fresh bananas and tastes it too! Super high quality, glad I picked it up on sale!

  30. Jerem (verified owner)

    I can totally taste the banana flavor in it I we’ll be buying more for sure

  31. Jerem (verified owner)

    I give this product 5 stars it taste like bananas to me and the high is great and last for hours I we’ll be buy more for sure ?

  32. Laurentl (verified owner)

    You totally feel that tasty banana aroma, its strong, its creamy, its an instant high really uplifting. 6 stars

  33. Concentraterpy (verified owner)

    Not fruity maybe a little but I could hardly notice, to me it tastes of little citrus, gassey and a little spicy sometimes. I enjoyed the effects. Immediate head and body relaxation. Not a heavy couch lock effect, I enjoyed this all day long and was very active.

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