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Banana Haze

(57 customer reviews)

$11.00 / gram - $250.00 / 28 grams $11.00 / gram - $230.00 / 28 grams

  • Supplier: Yaletown Flower Co.

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  • Strain Highlights
      YTFC bring Banana Haze, medium sized light green dense and sticky nugs with lots of crystal and a loud ass banana nose with a good slow burn.

    • Banana haze is a potent Hybrid from our Pheno test garden, it’s relaxing yet focused effects are best suited for treating insomnia, stress, pain ,depression, lack of appetite.


Range (gram)Price ($/gram)
0 - 6 gram$11.00 / gram
28+ gram$8.93 / gram $8.21 / gram
14 - 27 gram$9.29 / gram
7 - 13 gram$10.71 / gram

57 reviews for Banana Haze

  1. Chri (verified owner)

    Still my favorite

  2. mver (verified owner)


  3. Diam (verified owner)

    Still a 5 star to me, I’m never disappointed when I order this strain! Love it ♥

  4. dies

    Try it!! Will not be disappointed. High is relaxing and totally mellows you out

  5. Chri (verified owner)

    Stilly my favorite

  6. BudD (verified owner)

    I’m almost certain I levitated after smoking a bunch of this strain. Very nice all around. Great buzz, nice flavor and smell. Can’t go wrong with this badboy.

  7. Chro

    What a surprise to get this as a sample, beautiful buds , great smoke and smell! will def be watching for this one to go on sale. Very good weed..

  8. Tree

    Got this as a sample and really enjoyed it. High quality dense buds covered in crystal. Lovely buzz, nice and strong. Not my favourite taste but that’s purely a personal preference.

  9. josh (verified owner)

    i LOVE this strain. one of the best scented strains i’ve tried!! great effects as well.

  10. Mark (verified owner)

    Good but over priced

  11. Shan

    Was surprised and thankful to receive this as the free G on my order and loved it.
    I would rate this a solid 5, definitely recommend.
    Just waiting for this to go on sale so I can grab a bunch (hint hint)

  12. danc

    Great taste long lasting buzz gonna order this one for sure the sample sold me

  13. Paul (verified owner)

    Great looking and smelling bud. Nice colours burn and pretty potent. Two thumbs up.

  14. goul (verified owner)

    i regret to not order more ouff .. fruity taste i totally enjoye.. plus the great buzz it’s definitly one of my fav strain

  15. neil (verified owner)

    Rosin pressed at a 21% yield. Candy Banana terps till Tuesday.

  16. danc

    This is tasty stuff got it as a sample will definitely order its a strong buzz and the buds are tight and smells great too

  17. Chri (verified owner)

    Omg, awesome. No other words can say it!!!

  18. FaHr

    lucked out and got some on sale. you can smell and taste the banana tones throughout the smoke. buds were dense and it deserves the price point it’s at. very fluffy and I don’t know how I lucked out when I got it. Thanks Greenz.

  19. josh (verified owner)

    i’ve ordered this strain 3 or 4 times now!! the smell is so excellent!! i had some pretty small buds in my last purchase. overall a must try.

  20. Diam (verified owner)

    Still one of my favorite strains. Nice strong heavy high .

  21. Mick (verified owner)

    Very nice taste

  22. josh (verified owner)

    I LOVE this strain!! the smell is so awesome!! must try.

  23. VicT (verified owner)

    Amazing bud. The banana smell is much stronger than I expected. Quite a nice buzz too. Will for sure order more if available at the time.

  24. Anar (verified owner)

    Perfect for the morning blunt
    Awesome taste

  25. Caro

    Got it as a free sample. Taste and buzz are good but a bit too tough for me.

  26. Bren (verified owner)

    Very nice taste. Not too heavy.

  27. make (verified owner)

    Very potent!!

  28. josh (verified owner)

    i’ve ordered this strain a few times now. it’s really one of the best i’ve tried!! highly recommended. the smell is just amazing. not really a banana smell. but sweet and awesome!! great stuff!!

  29. Lord (verified owner)

    Fantastic bud for the price. Tasty, super smelly, strong enough and looks great. Highest recommendations, only downside is maybe small buds only…almost smalls actually…

  30. WmkW

    Thks greenz so glad to have it nice gift 💝 thats smell is awsome and those bud got a lots of cristal 🤪

  31. TheC (verified owner)

    I’m not a fan of hazes but this one I like. The smell has e very strong artificial banana smell to it. Nice head high as most hazes. Buds look very nice and taste is ok.

  32. Diam (verified owner)

    Guess I order a lot of this strain, Back to back reviews ! If you’re looking for something new to try give this one a chance. You’ll love it

  33. Diam (verified owner)

    This has moved from my second favorite to my favorite strain now . I just can’t get enough
    Thank you once again for a great strain

  34. Mick (verified owner)

    One of my favorite !

  35. josh (verified owner)

    this has been one of my favorite strains ever!! Great smell and taste!! dense buds. breaks up nice and vapes well!!

  36. kayl (verified owner)

    Love the taste and the high is really nice. Definitely buying more

  37. Jame (verified owner)

    Seasoned smoker , about 10 years . Nice buds and smells great , been looking for something that does a little more then the norm . No luck for me , but still a great smell and taste , would definitely buy it again .

  38. Diam (verified owner)

    This was my first time trying Banana Haze and I loved it ! I’ve ordered it twice since then. If it’s a Indica you want this is a good one. I’m someone who needs to really feel it and with this I do.
    Love the smell and taste is yummy

  39. Ande (verified owner)

    Slow burning n the taste is awsome wit its medical value on the dot which is supurb on my side yay! ☝

  40. JT (verified owner)

    Nice… 2nd order!

  41. rock (verified owner)

    I really liked this one. A little damp, but a good heavy smoke. Just as good as any other flavor haze ive had in the last year.

  42. BenB (verified owner)

    Very Nice weed

  43. josh (verified owner)

    Great smell and taste!! i really enjoy this bud. nice and dense. grinds and vapes well. recommended!!

  44. Josh

    Got this as a free sample and I was surprised it wasn’t bad at all. Great day time smoke really enjoyed it

  45. JT (verified owner)

    Great taste and smell… loved it… order more.

  46. Kitt

    Got this as my free gram and it was pleasant. Not a knock you over high and a pleasant smell and taste!

  47. dies

    Got this as a free sample nice dense bud with Smooth smoke and great taste

  48. jame

    Got this as free gift, will definitely order some.
    taste is great, high is good enough, and the smell is pretty fruity.

  49. Mj82

    Nice crystal and light green. Burns sweet and I got very high. Slept very well after a huge smoothie lol thanks greenz

  50. Bamb (verified owner)

    This strain was a bit similar to Malibu pie light taste busts nice looks exactly like the picture over all a decent strain

  51. Carl

    Seems like any strain that is in the banana lineage is expected to be potent from flower to concentrates specially that wifi shit oh my! It will definitely put a dent.

  52. Dart

    I found this was better to pair it another strain but decent enough

  53. Edpo (verified owner)

    The smell and flavour is delicious. The effects are powerful. This is my new favourite strain.

  54. nell (verified owner)

    Fruity. Looks like the picture.

  55. Dart

    Think it was alright for the price point and decent taste

  56. Chri

    this stuff is nice and fruity

  57. Samu

    Good taste and nice buzz. I was realy surprised to discover the fruity smell of banana.

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