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Banana WIFI OG

(64 customer reviews)

$11.00 / gram - $240.00 / 28 grams $7.00 / gram - $175.00 / 28 grams

  • Supplier: Yaletown Flower Co.

653 g in stock

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  • Strain Highlights
      YTFC bring Banana Wifi OG, medium sized dense, sticky light green nugs with lots of crystal and SUPER LOUD banana nose with a good burn.

    • Wifi OG is a hybrid cross of Fire OG and The White and its uplifting creative effects are best suited for treating depression, stress, pain, fatigue and headache.


Range (gram)Price ($/gram)
0 - 27 gram$11.00 / gram $7.00 / gram
28+ gram$8.57 / gram $6.25 / gram

64 reviews for Banana WIFI OG

  1. Memm (verified owner)

    Small nugs, but good high. Overall liked it

  2. Diam (verified owner)

    I really enjoy this strain ! Great for relaxing at night !

  3. Paul (verified owner)

    It actually does smell sweet. Burns great and very mild on the lungs. One p and you’re set to go.

  4. josh (verified owner)

    LOVE these Banana strains!! the smell is so awesome. nice looking medium, small buds. this and Banana Haze are really great!! recommended.

  5. danc (verified owner)

    Great taste love the flavor and gets the job done every time day or night 2nd time ordering this and I’ll order again once it comes back

  6. Tm20 (verified owner)

    this stuff is one of my all time favourites for sure. fruity undertones and taste and perfect high for relaxation and treating most pains.

  7. ramm (verified owner)

    unique flavor, decent buzz

  8. asht

    got this as a sample. didnt find anything special about it. nice smoke

  9. Lord

    Monster product. Hopefully it’ll come back around in the future…

  10. Twiz (verified owner)

    Beautifiul compact light green buds, earthy taste and good burn. Not a fan of the high get me a bit anxious.

  11. Diam (verified owner)

    I love everything about this strain. You won’t regret buying this strain

  12. Diam (verified owner)

    You can not go wrong buying this strain. It’s one of the best if you’re a fan of Indica. So glad I ordered more on Monday before it’s was sold out !

  13. Broo (verified owner)

    Hi this stuff is awesome got it as a Sample & all I can say is this strain is amazing beautiful smell & taste burns clean & no seeds sticks or terrible canoeing burns & smokes so nice will deaf buy this if it’s in on the next order when Greenz describes the strain it’s 100% accurate along with th pics of the product really I have a club I’ve gone to for the last 10 years & ever since I’ve found Greenz I really barley go that when they actually saw me last week they had to ask if I quit ya ok I said no it’s about fairness quality better deals not to mention it’s downtown Toronto & I’m in Markham Ontario so ya as long as I’m treated right good bud fair prices & of course treated with respect I will be forever committed to the realest & fairest plain & simple just as they would

  14. Qcsm

    Very nice! Au gout et tres doux

  15. john (verified owner)

    Smells and tastes great!

  16. Jame (verified owner)

    Got a free sample of this and it got me hooked. Got my order in for it and it was great! Tons of crystal on it, nice and smooth and a sweet fruity flavour and smell to it.

  17. Yan8 (verified owner)

    Jeez what can i say, i fucking love this strain!! Super WOW on the fruity smell.. The taste is creamy and the buzz..!! Relaxing AF.

  18. Diam (verified owner)

    A great strain, love it! Nice if you need a good nights sleep! Will buy again

  19. Tris

    Nice night time smoke. Very calming and relaxing. Nice flavour!

  20. Mart

    Wow, I got this as a free gram. OMG, just amazing. Thanks Greenz

  21. benn (verified owner)

    Smells + tastes great and produces a nice relaxing buzz. One of my faves from this site.

  22. Diam (verified owner)

    This was the first time I tried this strain and I enjoyed it so much, I just ordered more.

  23. pope (verified owner)

    Nice slightly sticky, frosty buds with a sweet nose and earthy flavour. Burns good with a slightly greyish ash. Buzz is decent!

  24. Hotw (verified owner)

    Great smell, Great taste!

  25. Scot (verified owner)

    This stuff is straight up bomb!! Smell is delicious, taste is delicious, smoke is delicious! Triple threat! I find it to be a great mixture of both sativa and indica where I feel a little more indica the more I smoke, especially near the end of the night whetebasni can wake and bake this stuff no problem and feel awake without being tired after a nice bowl m great stuff, versatile for day or night and definitely will consider ordering again!! Thanks Greenz and Yaletown for this beautiful quad bud!! AAAA+++

  26. Brod (verified owner)

    2nd time buying great sweet earthy flavor

  27. AJAM (verified owner)

    Smells great! Super heavy Indica, great for before bed.

  28. too4 (verified owner)

    chopped up into a nice light colour. I lovvveeedd the smell. I received it today and rolled it with honey oil. I felt ,very chipper and clear headed with that nice mellow feeling . Almost like a deep breath came over me.. Great choice . I will be buying more.

  29. danc (verified owner)

    Really liked it taste strength too bad its gone

  30. Kody (verified owner)

    Was alright

  31. Perc (verified owner)

    Awesome taste. Great burn. Really good

  32. josh (verified owner)

    i Love the smell of this stuff! smells like sweet earthy candy! great looking buds! recommended!

  33. Mall (verified owner)

    Love this strand!! Great smoke, great for a good day time buzz
    Would order it again

  34. capt

    got this as a sample but tastey fruitiness and beautiful burn

  35. Broo (verified owner)

    Awesome strain would deaf buy it again made me happy

  36. Dave (verified owner)

    No complaints
    Here very glad I got it now a favorite

  37. dyla

    smoke alotta bud and this one was great!

  38. ramm (verified owner)

    superior , unique ,

  39. Nizz (verified owner)

    Perfect high with an amazing taste to match I love this strain alot

  40. tige (verified owner)


  41. chuc (verified owner)

    Was told this strain was unique in every way ..and I was not lied to lol never had buds taste this amazing before such a great after taste and the high is perfect to treat pain or insomnia glad I grabbed this thank you greenz

  42. love (verified owner)

    Not bad, burns nice. High is okay. Not my favourite

  43. Kody (verified owner)

    Pretty good

  44. grim (verified owner)

    The taste is pretty good; it was more of a hoppy, piney, pineapple and pear kind taste than straight banana although I could kind of focus on the flavor components to construct a mild banana flavor. The high, while relaxing, was a bit underwhelming for my bong usage, but it might be just right for a walk and a joint.

  45. tige (verified owner)

    So smooth and good big buds tastes great

  46. Brod (verified owner)

    smooth great taste cant go wrong

  47. tim (verified owner)

    Nice looks and taste,one of my favorites

  48. Tm20 (verified owner)

    this stuff has such a unique pungent smell and as well taste, perfect buzzz.

  49. Dave (verified owner)

    This is the real deal fruity and nice buzz and probably reorder

  50. stri

    I got this as a sample in my last order, it looked great and smoked good too.

  51. tige

    Best smoke ever

  52. JEO

    Got this as a bonus with my order. Was quite surprised how much it left a banana aftertaste. Found it to be a pleasant mellow buzz. Thanks for the bonus Greenz!

  53. King (verified owner)

    Very very nice, the Smell of the fruit while you smoke and taste just like it smells. This is a beautiful mixture that was created for us to enjoy, sit back relax .

    LESS IS MORE don’t need much to get wrecked.

  54. Alex (verified owner)

    Love this one great taste and high 5/5

  55. Dom (verified owner)


  56. Trev

    got this as a sample. would buy again. but not terpy enough

  57. murs (verified owner)

    Enjoying this one a lot! Very euphoric.

  58. Jimm (verified owner)

    Love this company!! Great product!!

  59. Jroc

    Received a small sample on order, and I will be definitely ordering this in the future. The smell and taste of this bud is amazing! Nice mellow high.

  60. klor

    Got this as a free sample. Great high, mellow and happy. would get again !

  61. Rank

    Great strain 5/5

  62. Jigk (verified owner)

    really nice flavor smelled nice looked nice would order again

  63. Mj82 (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed the fruit smell and taste with this. Great burn and instant euphoria. Also major case of munchies for me

  64. Pat

    Mmmm…odeur,texture,goût,buzz,du vrai bonbon.Un sample du tonnerre.Ca vaut la peine d’essayer.Un gros merci Greenz

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