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Bubble Gum Smalls

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  • Supplier: Friendly Flower Co.

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Bubble Gum smalls is a delicious tasting hybrid well known for its sweet taste and happy euphoric effects. It will hit you, at first, like an Indica but it will also carry a lot of Sativa components. This strain will make you feel uplifted and high of course.


The Bubble Gum strain originated from the state of Indiana at first. After a while, it moved all the way to Holland where after multiple generations of cross-breeding, they created the stable strain we know today. The Bubble Gum strain became famous and won first place in the Cannabis Cup of 1994. It also won second place in 1995 and 1999. Coming from humble beginnings, this strain is now known and appreciated internationally. 


Bubble Gum Small has a sweet / earthy nose with hints of gas and a nice burn! A lot of people have denoted different tastes like fruity, creamy and even tropical. It is a mysterious strain that you need to try if you like a great hybrid.


The Bubble Gum Strain is a well balanced hybrid that is known worldwide for its body high that will relax you and invigorate you in the same high. You will start feeling uplifted and you will have positive thoughts. It is perfect when you are in the company of good friends if you want to share good times and a good laugh. This strain is built to make you feel a general sense of happiness and make the bad thoughts disappear. You will get a general feeling of euphoria and eventually settle down to a smooth stress-free state. 


 Bubble Gum Small is used for it great effect of relief from stress, depression, pain, anxiety and insomnia.


Friendly Flower Co. Bubble Gum Smalls provides a smaller sized deep green nug with a mix of rust-like colors distributed by Greenz

More Information:

The Bubble Gum strain will give you the munchies and increase your general appetite. It will make you crave your couch and greatly enjoy the food that is available for you. You might experience cottonmouth and redeyes but as long as you keep hydrated and as long as you have eye drops, it shouldn’t be a problem!


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