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(26 customer reviews)

$11.00 / gram - $240.00 / 28 grams $10.00 / gram - $200.00 / 28 grams

  • Supplier: Yaletown Flower Co.

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Yaletown Flower Co. Bring you Chocolope, crystal caked medium sized light green nugs with a great nose o sweet / fruit / coffe and a good burn.

    • DNA Genetics developed Chocolope by crossing Chocolate Thai with Cannalope Haze to create their homage to the Chocolate strains of the 1980s. The hefty sativa buds give earthy, sweet coffee flavors that provide a dreamy, cerebral effect. Consumers report a strong, euphoric mental shift that is great when coping with depression or stress.


Range (gram)Price ($/gram)
0 - 6.9999999999 gram$11.00 / gram $10.00 / gram
28+ gram$8.57 / gram $7.14 / gram
14 - 27.999999999999 gram$8.93 / gram $7.86 / gram
7 - 13.9999999999999 gram$10.00 / gram $8.57 / gram

26 reviews for Chocolope

  1. Moos

    Got a gram as a sample and loved it! Went to get some and it was all gone 🙁

  2. Sanj

    Received this as a free gram and gotta say it’s one of the better sativa I’ve tried! Helped with my arthritis pain and good buzz from this bud too! I’d def order this again!

  3. king

    nice taste great buzz

  4. Nil

    Got a free gram and finally got to it, sad I waited as with dry vape was very smooth, good smell and taste and a nice even day time buzz. Will be on my list for a buy!

  5. Sixp (verified owner)

    Beautiful day time smoke. I love this strain and would definitely purchase more. Great flavour nice buzz.

  6. luc7 (verified owner)

    Daytime strain for sure and can cause a bit of anxiety at first until you figure your proper dose and when you do, this strain is amazing.

  7. josh (verified owner)

    as you can see from the picture .. the nugs are just covered in crystals!! i don’t really find it has a coffee scent. but a nice fruity flavour.

  8. baco

    Kind of a chocolate taste out of this one. It was definitely a productive, fun high.

  9. Sara

    Got this as a free sample and it really does taste like chocolate and gives a killer buzz. I’d order it next time

  10. josh (verified owner)

    this strain makes me happy. it has a very positive and uplifting high. the buds are crystal covered. and the smell is just great.

  11. Pat (verified owner)

    Another 5star! Taste is epic and the buzz matches

  12. Jame

    Got this as a sample , very nice looking keef covered buds , great taste smoke and high .

  13. GinG

    Got in for the free gram. Going to try it now! Fantastic after taste smooth

  14. tige

    Got this as a sample and I love it .. love the coffee taste it’s amazing …. I want more lol … gonna order myself some for sure

  15. Chro (verified owner)

    Such gorgeous looking bugs with a super smooth taste and high!! it doesn’t really taste like chocolate but that’s not why I got it. Defiently 5 stars and will order again

  16. GinG

    Beautiful fragrant Aroma is overwhelming broke up wonderfully. Smokes great in a bong

  17. Chri (verified owner)

    good bud but souldnt be priced so high

  18. Chro (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this bud. Great smell and taste, wasn’t a total couch lock but defiently not a light buzz. Would buy again

  19. asht

    this was honestly.. meh. looked nice, bright green with red hairs but i found nothing special about it

  20. jsky (verified owner)

    Decent sativa but a bit pricey. I have ordered OZs from Greenz for 130 and have been more satisfied. I didn’t get much of a chocolate smell or taste but it still tasted excellent.

  21. West (verified owner)

    I was pleasantly surprised. Fluffy dark lime green with a nice scent. I thought it was quite potent and really enjoyed. Wish I’d bought more but know for next time.

  22. Trev


  23. samt

    Got this as a sample and it was actually pretty nice. Mellow high that still lets you get stuff done

  24. JEO

    Great light buzz before going out with people. Didn’t get a too overwhelming buzz and was able to have a conversation.

  25. too4

    I enjoyed the mellow high ,but was expecting more of the chocolate thai part. Other than that it was pretty good to me.

  26. Gyal

    Sorta disappointed. Was hoping for at least a chocolate smell if not a chocolate taste, but I didn’t really get either. The high was ok.

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