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Death Bubba

(49 customer reviews)

$7.00 / gram - $175.00 / 28 grams

  • Supplier: Friendly Flower Co.

Out of stock



    • Strain Highlights
      • Strain Highlights
          Friendly flower Co. Death Bubba, Medium sticky nugs with lots of crystal and a sweet / kushy nose with hints of gas and a good burn.

        • Death Bubba is a potent indica strain famous for its strong semi sedative effects, Death Bubba is best suited for treating insomnia, stress, pain, depression and inflammation.



Range (gram)Price ($/gram)
0 - 27.9999999999 gram$7.00 / gram
28+ gram$6.25 / gram

49 reviews for Death Bubba

  1. Chri (verified owner)


  2. Corb (verified owner)

    A go to strain for evenings and night time!! I always try to have some death bubba on hand!

  3. rlaj (verified owner)

    Nice heavy indica, great price as always.

  4. Anto (verified owner)

    It’s always a good choice for a amazing night time strain!! One of my best indica!

  5. kat (verified owner)

    Clean smooth burn! Great price

  6. Alex (verified owner)

    Great deal right here 5/5

  7. Carr

    Smokes wonderfully, but vaping is extremely harsh.

  8. amcc (verified owner)

    My favorite greenz product. I always get this when it’s in stock and I’m always pleased with the results.

  9. jsin (verified owner)

    This was amazing, ordered another bag as soon as I tried it! Great deal!

  10. King (verified owner)

    perfect price perfect high

    can’t go wrong if you need to get baked and chill with your friends

    high is very good
    smell is pretty good
    appearance: nice decent buds
    I do recommend this to the average cannabis user it will rock your world couzin

  11. jsin

    This stuff was amazing! Feel so relaxed after smoking this, and an unbeatable price at $130/ounce!

  12. burr (verified owner)

    You get what you pay for sometimes…I didn’t like this at all, I wouldn’t buy it again, cheap tho.

  13. Elvi (verified owner)

    Great for price range got big buds good taste

  14. Sara (verified owner)

    Wasn’t as strong smelling as I’m used to so I was t expecting a whole lot but wow, this stuff is really good, taste isn’t the best I’ve had but not the worst , it isn’t harsh and it completely overtakes your mind, makes you forget the stress, would highly recommend for a de-stress type of toke. Will for sure order again, thanks for the great high!

  15. jami

    Wasn”t expecting this little gift, best service yet all glory to Greenz.

  16. Soav (verified owner)

    Very strong very tasty deff a night in movie sesh order some pizza and become the couch

  17. Peac (verified owner)

    Pretty decent nighttime smoke. Pretty, deep and lighter green buds with lots of orange hairs

  18. Jenn (verified owner)

    Good price and burns nice. Buds cut up good.

  19. Nail (verified owner)

    Cheap nugs with a sweet smoke.

  20. Alex (verified owner)

    Really good taste high andddddd price !!!! Lolol 5/5 for me

  21. reye (verified owner)

    Very good for its price! Would definitely try again.

  22. devo (verified owner)

    Only problem was that I didn’t buy enough (actually upset about it).

  23. adam (verified owner)

    It’s been my night time bud lately and I just love it unbeatable price!

  24. Mell (verified owner)

    This is my number one favorite strain by far. Nice taste, super nice high. Can not go wrong with this kind.

  25. jmi7 (verified owner)

    Wasn’t the best Friendly Flower I’ve had but was still a good product, especially considering the price.

    Mostly white ash, nice DB effects. Could have used a little more care in curing but shit let’s be realistic at this price range, it’s great medicine.

    Great to see Greenz catering to the budget bud crowd as well. I usually grab a Q of friendly flower with each order just to see how it compares to the AAAA stuff that’s twice the price. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t quads but at this price, stock up!

  26. Luci (verified owner)

    Great weed for the price. Taste good, clean burn, high as hell. $130, can’t go wrong.

  27. Jamm (verified owner)

    I was sitting on the fence about ordering another $130 oz from friendly flower after ordering the pink kush. I can not say anything bad about the effects but the burn was just horrible and the longer the burn the worse it tasted. Now back to the death bubba. I am so glad o ordered this. Nice looking buds. Trimmed nicely full of crystal and loads of red hair.nice clean ash and very tasty in the vape. This bud was very potent. Thank you Greenz and friendly flower

  28. Mall (verified owner)

    Can not go wrong for this price either
    Would get again for sure it’s great smoke before bed

  29. Gros (verified owner)

    This one is a good one.
    Excellent ratio qualité / prix

  30. Chea (verified owner)

    rly nice stuff

  31. mayh (verified owner)

    Great, Do the job and great price

  32. Kara (verified owner)

    Awesome bud. Amazing price for the quality!

  33. Shel

    Very nice strain. Got this as a sample, and very pleased, not much not, except you bust the bud. Smooth smoke, sleepy high.

  34. Chri (verified owner)

    The smell alone is WOW the taste is amazing and smooth smoke I love it for the night time great for putting me to sleep when i need it

  35. puck (verified owner)

    Great smoke. Nice burn. Very Tasty. Great for the price.

  36. cbat (verified owner)

    Nice beautiful earthy smell, suprised to see it at such wonderful prices. Very good for somebody with insomnia.

  37. katr (verified owner)

    One of my favorite indica strains, crazy good deal. Burns nice and tastes good. Does get you lazy but not completely couch locked.

  38. Josh (verified owner)

    This was a surprise I enjoyed this bud alot and it was pretty potent. The taste was mild but it burned really good.

  39. Mitr (verified owner)

    I was very surprised at the quality of the bud for the price. Dense and potent. For the price it’s worth it.

  40. Lude (verified owner)

    Adding to wish list

  41. ashl (verified owner)

    Really happy with this. Nice smooth smoke with instant effects. Buds were nice size. Will definitely buy again!

  42. Mj82 (verified owner)

    Was great for my pain. Smoked great, was sweet to me. Will buy again thanks greenz

  43. devo (verified owner)

    Fire strand… Especially for the price… <3 Greens

  44. Butt (verified owner)

    An amazing pheno of Death Bubba by Friendly Flower Co! I really enjoyed this strain, hands down the best bang for your buck! An ounce for $130 and this strain has the potency of being up there with the $240 ounce strains! Perfect Indica Dominate Hybrid for nighttime if your not a heavy user, but if you’re like me and a very heavy toker, with a very high tolerance than it’s a really nice strain to smoke while you go about your day, it helps with my withdrawal symptoms from a past opiate addiction, my restless legs, chronic back and body pain, and even my cold sweats are gone after a few rips of this! A nice relaxing feeling takes over your body as a wonderful sense of euphoria takes over your entire mind at the same time, as your relaxed from head to toe and all stress and anxiety is exhaled from your body with each toke, everything you do is easy and fun. And for nighttime if you want to sleep, you’re GOING to sleep lol any form of insomnia you ever thought you had will be gone, and those night terrors will also be gone and you become the master of your dreams and have complete control while having the best sleep of your life, then you wake up feeling refreshed and amazing ready to do it all again!!! For this price I will definitely be buying more, Death Bubba has become one of my new favourite strains thank Greenz! You’re the Best!

  45. JooJ (verified owner)

    Very good strain, nice taste and nice buzz for the price.

  46. Chan (verified owner)

    Pretty good herb for the sale. Medium moisture so not too dry not too wet pretty perfect burn and smooth inhale.

  47. Free (verified owner)

    small nugs, but worth the money. Burned nice and the buzz was well balanced.

  48. Cait (verified owner)

    Thick buds with a nice danky taste! This is a quality night time bud!

  49. andr (verified owner)

    For the price, cannot go wrong. Coated in crystal and pretty potent. 5 stars for quality/price ratio.

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