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Death Bubba Smalls

(33 customer reviews)

$5.00 / gram - $130.00 / 28 grams

  • Supplier: Friendly Flower Co.

Out of stock


    Limited BATCH

      Friendly Flower Death Bubba smalls , decent sized sticky deep green nugs caked in crystal with a earthy nose with a good burn.

Death Bubba is famous for its purple hued buds covered in trichomes and its potent long lasting effects, Death bubba is a indica cross of Death Star and Bubba kush and is best suited for treating depression, insomnia, pain, stress and inflammation.


Range (gram)Price ($/gram)
1 - 27 gram$5.00 / gram
28+ gram$4.64 / gram

33 reviews for Death Bubba Smalls

  1. ssno

    Real sticky and a good long lasting buzz. Found it best to tear it apart with my fingers, the grinder didn’t do so well.

  2. Alex (verified owner)

    I love this strain for the price the quality is very good 5/5

  3. Cyre (verified owner)

    Love the taste…great nugs!

  4. king (verified owner)

    Fire, This one is pure fire couchlock..

  5. Chri (verified owner)

    Did what it was supposed to

  6. Anto (verified owner)

    Always good strain! Nice taste and smelling!

  7. Apro (verified owner)

    Love the smell and taste, these little guys are well worth the money..

  8. SP19 (verified owner)

    Good deal. Very happy with what I got for the price

  9. puck (verified owner)

    Nice smoke
    Great value

  10. Mark (verified owner)

    Great 4 star

  11. Chro (verified owner)

    Really great weed and a amazing deal! love the clean smell and the euphoric properties, i defiantly recommend this one!

  12. ye (verified owner)

    I’ve tried death bubba but never gassy death bubba until now! it’s wonderful, love the high.

  13. Alex (verified owner)

    I love it!! For the price you can’t find better 5/5

  14. Sanj (verified owner)

    I really enjoy death bubba and so glad I was able to get this for such a good price! Nugs are small but don’t let that fool you as this strain packs a punch! Thanks Greenz!

  15. Tai (verified owner)

    So good I ordered 2 oz’s. Amazing for the price for the small nugs

  16. amcc (verified owner)

    my number 1 favourite bud. Love DB

  17. Spor (verified owner)

    Great strain and very happy with the purchase. Keep it up you guys are my number one supplier. 🙂

  18. Mart (verified owner)

    Amazing batch of DB!! Loud gas nose. Very potent !! The best of the best.

  19. Jamm (verified owner)

    Well this one is a knockout. Really enjoyed the looks smell and taste. Super knockout buzz

  20. Mart (verified owner)

    This was exactly Back to the standard gassy death bubba smalls. This is the best of the best. Would smoke this all the time.

  21. Anto (verified owner)

    Good strain, excellent for nighttime!

  22. Sara (verified owner)

    Love this stuff. Bought a bag of it and am very pleased. Gives u a great high and taste is amazing

  23. JonM (verified owner)

    Smokes pretty well, not as potent as I’d hoped, and very small smalls….but for the price, pretty good!

  24. Bamb (verified owner)

    I order this stuff all the time it’s always great quality good product

  25. Ashe (verified owner)

    Love this strain. I’ve ordered it twice now and I am incredibly happy with the product. It smells great, it burns well, it leaves you with a great head buzz and it’s an unbeatable price for the value! Looking forward to my next purchase.

  26. hopp

    Good bud and a great price, nice sized budds and a good kick indeed, this a good strain to buy.

  27. coop (verified owner)

    Great smoke.It burns nice with lots of kick.Small nugs but still packs power.

  28. Yesa (verified owner)

    Smoked fine. Good idica. The smalls are really small though. About half the size of the other smalls I’v bought here. Good price though.

  29. Smac (verified owner)

    Small medium or large, it’s never a bad strain to try.

  30. king

    well worth the price

  31. Caro (verified owner)

    Paid 4$/g and it’s really worth it. Not too arshes, great taste. Shipping was really fast. Enjoyed it

  32. sydd (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed my last round of Death Bubba Smalls. However this time it is almost comparable to shake. I have never had this when purchasing a “smalls” before.

  33. fufu

    I loved this strain! The smell and taste are delicious and it’s quite mild on the throat.

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