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(81 customer reviews)

$11.00 / gram - $240.00 / 28 grams $11.00 / gram - $220.00 / 28 grams

  • Supplier: Yaletown Flower Co.

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  • Strain Highlights

    • YTFC Gelato, medium and smaller tight sticky colorful nugs with lots of crystal and a pungent gassy / fruity nose and good burn.

    Gelato is a potent hybrid cross of sunset sherbert and girl scout cookies and is well known for its sweet nose and flavor and potent effects that are best suited for treating stress, depression, pain, insomnia and lack of appetite



    Range (gram)Price ($/gram)
    0 - 6 gram$11.00 / gram
    28+ gram$8.57 / gram $7.86 / gram
    14 - 27 gram$9.29 / gram
    7 - 13 gram$10.00 / gram

    81 reviews for Gelato

    1. Diam (verified owner)

      Glad I bought more before you ran out with this being my favorite! Waiting on you to get more !
      This is one of the best strains around! Great if you need sleep as it will put you there!

    2. Diam (verified owner)

      I’d give it 10 if I could. Just waiting on the next batch.

    3. Diam (verified owner)

      Sorry to see you’ve sold out. I love this strain so much I never want to be without some. Love the smell but the buzz is even better. Great if you need a good nights sleep…. Hope you got more soon

    4. chuc (verified owner)

      Really like greenzes version of gelato . super tasty and priced right . so happy they have this strain plus a lot more exotics .thanks greenz

    5. Diam (verified owner)

      Loved this last batch so much! Can’t wait till you get more in.

    6. FaHr (verified owner)

      great price, nice clean ash. good smoke but light taste.

    7. geok (verified owner)


    8. Diam (verified owner)

      Wow Greenz you out did yourselves with this batch. I would give it 10 stars if I could. Love this batch so much I jumped in and ordered another OZ soon as this came in and I received it today with more to arrive in a couple days. Gelato will always be my favourite ……

    9. chuc (verified owner)

      This. Batch has a much better taste then the last time I ordered . thanks greenz its always amazing products with you guys

    10. thun (verified owner)

      decent strain, not the best ive had but nothing to complain about

    11. Anar (verified owner)

      Really great strain
      Nice burn and nice buzz

    12. Diam (verified owner)

      Will always be my favorite ! Not for day time if you work but at night wow nice to relax with till
      you fall a sleep. I highly recommend you try Gelato if you haven’t yet !

    13. Diam (verified owner)

      Still top of the list if you ask me, Love everything about Gelato…
      Hope you get more in soon….

    14. JayS (verified owner)

      Not what it looks like in the picture. Good smoke not the best or top shelf

    15. Race (verified owner)

      Decent but didn’t burn clean ash ..taste was off a bit

    16. Diam (verified owner)

      This strain never fails me. It’s worth every penny you pay! Great for after work relaxing

    17. phil

      it was a gift Great taste,nice buzz, i will buy now Thanks

    18. Bouw (verified owner)

      Amazing heavy high. Great after a hard day at work!

    19. fufu

      This really smells like ice cream! Really nice taste and easy on the throat.

    20. Race (verified owner)

      Nice smoke not a favorite but over all good buy

    21. Diam (verified owner)

      One of the best out there! Helps with pain and enables you to sleep well

    22. Kris (verified owner)

      Amazing stuff, helped me get relaxed and took care of my aches and pains. Thanks greenz for always coming through

    23. Wmok (verified owner)

      It was a good high but i thought the smoke it self was just ok. thanks again 🙂

    24. Anar (verified owner)

      Very dense buds and great taste

    25. SabS (verified owner)

      Tastes and smells fantastic, and a pretty good stone to match.

    26. AbzA (verified owner)

      Liked this strain but not at full price

    27. nerc (verified owner)

      One of my favorite strains, amazing taste and nice potency!

    28. Jenn (verified owner)

      Nice mellow buzz. Would def buy again.

    29. mgar (verified owner)

      One of my favourite so far, great creative buzz.

    30. Diam (verified owner)

      A great strain one of my favorites. Just ordered more today . More of a night time bud

    31. Bobb

      Awesome Indica. Not the bud for you if taste is a major concern.

    32. NyJe (verified owner)

      Not good

    33. chuc (verified owner)

      Pretty potent and very tasty ..burnt to a bright white ash .. Always wanted to try this strain glad I waited to try it from the best .

    34. Chri (verified owner)

      gelato is one of my favourite strains

    35. Diam (verified owner)

      Still my favorite strain. One of the best Indicas out there!

    36. Luci (verified owner)

      Pretty middle of the road. I liked it for a nice daytime.

    37. King (verified owner)

      I’ve posted a very admirable review about this more than a few months ago, I’ve been ordering every time it’s available. There’s a slight change in potency between the “Smalls” and the regular gelato. Never deceiving and always almost or exactly the same and it’s always AAAA level no matter what.

      Enjoy my friends, I approve of the gelato and continue supporting it as one of the best strains ever created by man kind.

    38. Alex (verified owner)

      Great overall for this one great taste 5/5

    39. Jamm (verified owner)

      Picked this up when it was on sale. Real glad I did. Good burn nice flavor good potency and a nice nose.

    40. Yan8 (verified owner)

      Pretty good all around!

    41. Dave

      Looked fantastic smells awesome already smoked and I am happy I got this

    42. Balo (verified owner)

      Love it. Good taste, nice burn and even better high

    43. Gros (verified owner)

      Taste are very good, 😁
      I hope this one on sale again.

    44. Blaz (verified owner)

      Really smooth but don’t lack in potency really good smoke

    45. Edpo (verified owner)

      Smell is fantastic and the high is nice and low.

    46. West (verified owner)

      Holy crap this was a nice surprise. Awesome taste and burn. Got me really buzzed. One of my favorites and will order again.

    47. Diam (verified owner)

      I’m never let down when I order Gelato. It’s great for night time

    48. Gyal (verified owner)

      I liked this one

    49. JT__ (verified owner)

      A great night time bud. It gave us a bit of a tingly body high, and really mellowed us out after a long day.

    50. Balo (verified owner)

      Love the Gelato. Very good taste , with great buzz. A little enery at first (Girl Scout cookies) the it hits you and your eye start to close like a sunset (sunset sherbert).

    51. Herb (verified owner)

      Definitely a nice smoking weed, well worth the postal delay….

    52. AJAM (verified owner)

      This strain is one of my favourites for sure! Love the smell and the look of the nugs. Burns slow, everything you could ever want after a long day!

    53. Jame (verified owner)

      Very good effects. Well worth the price

    54. Robe (verified owner)

      Was good and cheap

    55. Robe (verified owner)

      Def a good product

    56. Jame (verified owner)

      Money well spent on this. Will order again

    57. Anto (verified owner)

      Nice smelling, good tasting, great buzz! Good deal!

    58. Kris (verified owner)

      Love the mellow high I get from Gelato perfect for before bed

    59. Edpo (verified owner)

      Just bought this strain. Love the arima and produces a really relaxing effect. Great price on a great product.

    60. JEO (verified owner)

      Nice buzz that last a long time. As always, Greenz has great prices, and great products . Happy customer!!

    61. danc (verified owner)

      I think gelato has a good taste just wondering what flavor it is swwet smell good for the price strength wise

    62. AbzA (verified owner)

      New favourite!

    63. greg (verified owner)

      Good smoke good taste

    64. Ajfi (verified owner)

      Really great smell and unique taste

    65. HALI (verified owner)

      Pretty damn good offering of Gelato. Hits all three points. Smell, taste & effects!

    66. BadF (verified owner)

      Super tasty strain at a super tasty price. Already put in another order for more.

    67. asht (verified owner)

      i was really surprised at how good this batch turned out. nice tight frosty buds. my only complaint would be is that i found the ash to be really black, maybe not a proper flush? i would buy again

    68. Spog (verified owner)

      for this price it is 5 stars, strong buzz. great for sleep.

    69. Samu (verified owner)

      Realy interesting taste and buzz !

    70. Mart (verified owner)

      Gelato was very good. Spot on with the description. A very pleasant buzz. Would definitely buy again.

    71. jsin (verified owner)

      Really nice buzz

    72. Diam (verified owner)

      This fast became my favorite, please get some in soon. Great if you need a good nights sleep

    73. Trev (verified owner)

      not as flavorful as i had hoped

    74. murs (verified owner)

      Interesting, fairly unique nose and taste. Burns nice. Solid choice.

    75. King (verified owner)


    76. grim (verified owner)

      Loved the key limey, baby cookie taste (as I recall). Smoked well and the buzz was great, high functioning with mood upliftment.

    77. Minz

      Tastes beautiful and the smell is godly.

    78. BenB (verified owner)

      Very good weed!

    79. Peac (verified owner)

      Description is spot on. Good for bedtime

    80. Dom (verified owner)

      Really good, weird taste!

    81. pblu (verified owner)

      smells good but lacks taste

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