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Love Potion #1 Small Nugs

(47 customer reviews)

$5.00 / gram - $130.00 / 28 grams

  • Supplier: Friendly Flower Co.

Out of stock



    • Friendly Flower Bring us Love Potion, medium sized and smaller deep green frosty nugs with a pungent citrus nose and a great burn

Love Potion #1 is a Sativa dominant hybrid cross of G13 and Colombian Gold and its uplifting effects are best suited for treating stress, depression, fatigue, pain and lack of appetite.


Range (gram)Price ($/gram)
0 - 27 gram$5.00 / gram
28+ gram$4.64 / gram

47 reviews for Love Potion #1 Small Nugs

  1. Jenn (verified owner)

    Great bud for the price. Nice mellow buzz.

  2. coha (verified owner)

    Great taste, and very strong potency. Buds are nice looking but what you expect size wise for small nugs. Did not disappoint at all!.

  3. odre (verified owner)

    Ici aussi on patiente 😉 … de retour bientot svp 😀

  4. odre (verified owner)

    Bon weed de jour. Bon gout, bon prix

  5. theh (verified owner)

    Good,day bud, little weak for me,but perfect for light smokers , enjoy!

  6. jsky

    not the prettiest looking buds but good budget weed. Burns well, pine/earthy smell & taste

  7. jamt (verified owner)

    A light but lasting Sativa high, great for the day time. Its a bit of a creeper as well.

  8. odre (verified owner)

    Bon pot de jour.
    Bon gout, bon buzz

  9. jack (verified owner)

    totally great buzz

  10. Jule (verified owner)

    One of my favourites!

  11. Jord (verified owner)

    Just a mild Sativa high. If you’re looking for a lightweight day Sativa, this would be a good choice.

  12. too4 (verified owner)

    For the price it was definitely worth it. burned nice and smooth. The buds were hairy. It helped my headache more than anything. It was great for daytime.

  13. Wmok (verified owner)

    This batch was a great smoke and had a good high. The taste was different than most other strains ive tried. It was nice to change it up. Thanks again

  14. kyle (verified owner)

    Have had several variations of Love Potion and have always been a fan. This #1 is light, fluffy and properly cured leaving a sweet, piney aroma. Great smoke for any time of the day, not too potent.

  15. ldel (verified owner)

    Smooth, easy, relaxing

  16. raeb (verified owner)

    Smooth Body Buzz. Tingly in your spine and neck. Helps to keep focused and uplifted. Very heady high. Creativity-inducing strain! Dry Mouth and Eyes. Honestly, just puts you in a good mood. Calms you down if you are talking about heavy shit. Good for in the bedroom too, if you know what I mean (and you do…that’s why your here).

  17. NMRN (verified owner)

    Decent high but didn’t much care for the taste. For the price though why not.

  18. ItsS

    Great for daytime & price is right.

  19. TJ84 (verified owner)

    Good deal for the price! A little harsh due to it being dry but gets you ripped.

    I’m happy !

  20. res0

    one of my favorites! smells and tastes great!

  21. Perc (verified owner)

    Great taste and smells. Burn nicely.

  22. AmyT (verified owner)

    Great strain for daytime use. Smell and taste great

  23. rock

    This strain of dominant sativa for me gives a delightful pick me up one the rush is over. Very good price for the delivery it gives. Just ordered the small nuggets. The full bud was more than meeting my expectations. Should be the same.

  24. Jenn (verified owner)

    Nice relaxing bud. Love the small nuggets. Would buy again

  25. Anto (verified owner)

    Really good strain during the days! Nice sativa!!

  26. Scot (verified owner)

    Nice little nugs but a touch on the mild side.

  27. kdot (verified owner)

    mild high, very relaxing and still able to function afterwards!

  28. JEO (verified owner)

    nice light high. Wasn’t overwhelming. Great for the strolling around during the day,

  29. lunn (verified owner)

    Very nice for daytime. Puts you in a good mood!

  30. Alex (verified owner)

    Really good for day time great price !!!

  31. katr (verified owner)

    Great for the price, good sativa not much of a burn out. Smokes semi clean

  32. jsin (verified owner)

    Nice for a daytime buzz

  33. Gyal (verified owner)

    Only got 1 to try and wish I got more.

  34. Broo (verified owner)

    Got some of this & to be completely honest it’s good The price is good smokes good breaks up nice very nice day time or evening smoke thanks Greenz

  35. Andr

    Nice buds and very sticky . Not bad for the price but not my favourite

  36. Perc (verified owner)

    Awesome weed for the privé.

  37. Pat (verified owner)

    Bon petit weed pour vaquer à ses occupation durant le jour. Pas mauvais du tout et pas cher.

  38. Perc (verified owner)

    Awesome weed for the price. Smell and taste good. Good burning.

  39. tedd (verified owner)

    Great smell, Great taste, Great price, nice tight easy to break up buds. Good for afternoon adventures and evening chill sessions.

  40. theh (verified owner)

    Good,not great, strain, decent buzz, good for first timers,

  41. latr (verified owner)

    Not the best Love Potion ive tasted, but perfect for the price.

  42. adam (verified owner)

    Smoking some now ,very good taste greenz#1☺

  43. devo (verified owner)

    Loved it! Bae loved it! Definitely do not smoke it if you’re chilling w your boys! Boners for days

  44. Bubb (verified owner)

    This was nice smoke and excellent for mixing with the Moroccan hash… I will buy more sometime but I try to get something different every time I order… Greenz staff your the best!!!!

  45. bal0 (verified owner)

    Amazing flower for the price smooth smoke

  46. Mj82 (verified owner)

    Great burn, nice nuggets, good evening smoke

  47. nikk (verified owner)

    Nice and sticky. Breaks up and burns great.
    Mellow high.

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