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OG Kush

(152 customer reviews)

$7.00 / gram - $175.00 / 28 grams

  • Supplier: Friendly Flower Co.

Out of stock

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Strain Highlights:

    • Friendly Flower OG Kush, Medium to large buds with a decent amount of crystal and a complex aroma with notes of fuel and spice.
    • OG Kush is a famous indica dominant hybrid,  best suited for treating stress, depression, pain, and insomnia.


Additional Information

Weight140 g


Range (gram)Price ($/gram)
0 - 6 gram$7.00 / gram
28+ gram$6.25 / gram
7 - 13 gram$6.75 / gram
14 - 27 gram$6.50 / gram

152 reviews for OG Kush

  1. Chri (verified owner)

    I was expecting this to be better

  2. Nanu (verified owner)

    Good buzz for the price,

  3. nati (verified owner)

    It had a nice burn to it and I would but it again especially with the prices!

  4. Anto (verified owner)

    Small bud but good buzz! Nice price!

  5. Perc (verified owner)

    Great burn. Dried correctly. Taste and smell not that much.

  6. JonM (verified owner)

    VERY small smalls, and buds a little loose for my liking…but a nice, easy smoke and the expected effects. Love the OG.

  7. Chro (verified owner)

    Better then i expected! A nice fresh taste and high with little burnout. Mixes well with others and would defiantly get again!

  8. Perc (verified owner)

    Great smell and taste. Burn clean. Awesome high.

  9. Wmok (verified owner)

    Love Og Kush. This batch did not disappoint. It was light and smooth. Glad I got it again. Thanks.

  10. aure

    my buddy bought some of this and gave me a bit and wow what a nice taste and burns nice, the price of this you cant go wrong, highly recommend

  11. Smac (verified owner)

    It’s a good time with a fine friend

  12. sgt (verified owner)

    Kush, great smoke great price, can’t beat it.

  13. sydd (verified owner)

    Great nug for a great price.

  14. Herb (verified owner)

    Once again, very enjoyable weed and an awesome deal!

  15. Thek (verified owner)

    I have to say this is very good indica 5/5 Star rateing. Good for day time or night time I really enjoyed. Good smoke

  16. Alex (verified owner)

    Really good great value 5/5

  17. heat (verified owner)

    A classic! Good for all occasions, great for a daytime buzz or when you just want to smoke and chill with friends. Great product.

  18. jame (verified owner)

    Cant ever go wrong with this one at 5$/g its given. good high

  19. Sanj (verified owner)

    Amazing high! Fantastic prices!! Would order this every single time, my only complaint is dry mouth 🤣 thanks Greens!

  20. Carl (verified owner)

    Price is affordable the high is sufficient,appearance is great tight lil nugs in short a very practical strain.

  21. CD (verified owner)

    would not hesitate to order again..

  22. dies (verified owner)


  23. Jenn (verified owner)

    This was one of my favs. Can’t wait to buy again.

  24. Feen (verified owner)

    Amazing smoke! Looking forward to getting this again

  25. Sanj (verified owner)

    Another 5/5 for the OG Kush! Pretty potent batch this time so I had to order more!! And at these prices, I’d be foolish not too! Thanks Greenz, your service is amazing and you never disappoint 😉

  26. Supa

    Really subtle high and has a sweet aroma when smoking. Excellent choice for daytime use and doesn’t have a real burnout effect which is even better. Thanks again Greenz.

  27. Mark (verified owner)

    Nice buds good taste would buy again

  28. josh (verified owner)

    great OG Kush taste. pretty potent buds too!

  29. AFBa (verified owner)

    Very nice nugs, great smell & taste with a smooth high! perfect after work before a good meal and a little nap.
    Loved it.

  30. nell (verified owner)

    Works better then it looks.

  31. XX (verified owner)

    Great taste

  32. Patm (verified owner)

    Sweet stuff.
    This is some of the best kush for that price.

  33. Sanj (verified owner)

    Always my go to…Great price and never disappoint! Thanks Greenz

  34. john (verified owner)

    Dank buds! Good day time smoke

  35. love (verified owner)

    One of my favourites. Allows me to be super creative while relaxing ll symptoms from my anxiety disorder.

  36. Alex (verified owner)

    Really great overall good buy

  37. Sara (verified owner)

    Decided to try this again. Didnt like the first batch that I had. This one was a little better but just not my kind of strain I guess. Does give you a steady buzz to work with but the taste is gassy a d horrible

  38. Bron (verified owner)

    Great taste and smoked well too.

  39. Chri (verified owner)

    this stuff tastes great has a nice diesel undertone which i love my kush strains to have great bud and if its on sale even better

  40. West (verified owner)

    Pretty nice kush fir the price. Great for sleep.

  41. four (verified owner)

    Great high one of my favorites!

  42. Yesa (verified owner)

    Brought this bud out with some of of my friends. It was a crowd pleaser. Classic Kush experience.

  43. cave (verified owner)

    This is a great high plus excellent for pain! I am so relaxed when I smoke this! Definitely will purchase again!

  44. heat

    Great for price!

  45. Mart (verified owner)

    Very good batch of OG. Similar to previous one and very gassy and kushy… A perfect OG kush taste.

  46. Cmof (verified owner)

    great for the price, decent high. not very stemmy.

  47. Balo (verified owner)

    This round I must say was the best so far. Big dense buds and sticky. Always a good buy.

  48. dyla (verified owner)

    burns great, always a go to

  49. Mucu

    Got a generous sample on my last order. Just an all around solid grow/trim/cure of a dope strain. Wild that this is 7 a gram.

  50. AJAM

    Love it. Very good for the price! Super cheap, great quality

  51. AbzA

    Always a good smoke

  52. kyle (verified owner)

    Love it. I’ve ordered it 3 or 4 times now an will again. Uber good buzz for anytime of the day. Fresh taste can’t be beat! Gotta try it!

  53. greg (verified owner)

    Good smoke

  54. Eizn (verified owner)

    Little buds but they packed a punch. As the other reviews say, it’s great for daytime use. Write string, a very alert high but not overwhelming. Good stuff.

  55. JayJ (verified owner)

    You really cant beat this stuff. OG Kush will never let you down on potency, quality or relief.

  56. Mall (verified owner)

    Order this stuff often, great strain would recommend

  57. jack (verified owner)

    cant complain either…great stuff

  58. Ald (verified owner)

    Can’t complain

  59. Ald (verified owner)


  60. Alex (verified owner)

    great kushy taste good buzz

  61. josh (verified owner)

    really nice dense buds. a little dry. nice OG kush taste! great price for dense nugs!

  62. tige (verified owner)

    Nice 👍🏼

  63. Jamm (verified owner)

    Very happy with this bud. Actually the bud size surprised me. I’ve ordered smalls before that was small.this bud was awesome. Nice hard hitter.

  64. JEO (verified owner)

    Nice buds, nice high and great price, can’t go wrong.

  65. JEO (verified owner)

    This strain is not for newbies. Very strong high and lasts for a good while. It also help me sleep comfortably through the night. Only reason for the 4 stars it wreaks. Had to tell the wife a skunk had peed by the house to justify the smell. Don’t get me wrong loved the smell. Would definetly buy at again for the price point I got it.

  66. Ajfi (verified owner)

    The Og that everyone loves. Small nugs does not mean its not as nice.

  67. Gyal (verified owner)

    Love OG Kush, love the smell and the taste and the high is great. Just ordered more

  68. fahr (verified owner)

    first time order with them. worked out quite well.this was one of three types i ordered and definitely a good choice for an evening smoke. the batch i got fluffed well when busted, lots of crystal, and can be smoked during the day in smaller amounts without the lethargy. definitely a good choice. accurate tracking. thank you greenz!! plus they threw in a 1g sample of cotton candy mmmm mmm. and quite a nice colour.

  69. Pat (verified owner)

    Epic erbs, especially at this price. Yes the buds are small but the buzz is large

  70. Earb (verified owner)

    Head high hits you pretty quick making you alert and engaged. But before you know it the body high kicks in, taking you to the deepest parts of yourself. It amplifies whatever you are currently seeking to do. If you want to vibe and have a good time – wicked. If you’re feeling kind of quiet and introspective – there you go. You describe some things now.

  71. kyle

    Love the look. Love the smell. Love the taste. Love this bud! Never lets me down!

  72. ldel (verified owner)

    Very nice

  73. BenB (verified owner)

    Very good

  74. Morr (verified owner)

    I bought this based solely on reading the reviews and don’t regret buying this. Very nice surprise will definitely buy again !

  75. drc (verified owner)

    I was right. Some very…very nice smoke. Never go wrong with this. It is a must buy

  76. TJ84 (verified owner)

    Great strain and it’s at a super cheap price 🙂

  77. Balo (verified owner)

    The OG is a very nice high. Good smell & flavor. Would buy again.

  78. alis (verified owner)

    Great strain, awesome taste

  79. BigL (verified owner)

    Greenz is the BEST! I guess they ran out of the free bubble hash, instead of sending nothing I received a beautiful gram of Watermelon Rosin. I’ve never had the chance to try the stuff, so it was an extra treat!

  80. Spog (verified owner)

    Excellent smoke!

  81. cbat (verified owner)

    Love this strain, amazing taste and buzz for the price, very relaxed after a small amount.

  82. Edpo (verified owner)

    I got this because it was on sale. Am I ever glad I did. I am loving the effect. Helps me fall asleep at night. No complaints and very satisfied.

  83. Need

    Great bud for the price

  84. Ajfi (verified owner)

    Totally worth price

  85. Fros (verified owner)

    Great bud, Good clean smoke, Tastes great. 10\10

  86. Jlaw (verified owner)

    Burns clean a little harsh though but a good price!

  87. Shan

    Not a big fan.

  88. HALI (verified owner)

    Dense nugs, burns well. not the strongest nose or terp profile>Nonetheless, still a good deal at this price point.

  89. Balo (verified owner)

    Liked the OG a lot. Have & will order again. Good for mixing also.

  90. beth (verified owner)

    I try to branch out but I always come back to my favorite OG Kush 🙂 very yummy always grinds nicely and has great taste and dense buds

  91. BigL (verified owner)

    Awesome smoke! Very tasty, smooth, and fresh. Greenz never disappoints!!

  92. thom (verified owner)

    nice tight sticky buds.

  93. KatK (verified owner)

    I love this one…. good for daytime, good for night, doesn’t bother my allergies and a great price!!!

  94. Loss (verified owner)

    Received a gratuitous sample, reeaally nice buzz. I recommend this for symptom relief. Great value.

  95. Cait (verified owner)

    One of my many go to buds for day time use. The price is the biggest selling point for me. You can’t go wrong with the price for this delicious strain.

  96. Mj82 (verified owner)

    Love these right buds. Made me sleep very well

  97. 8bal (verified owner)


  98. Ryan (verified owner)

    Not gonna top this value..amazing bud for $5….Thanks Greenz!

  99. Mart (verified owner)

    2nd time ordering out of this batch of OG kush. It is excellent for 5$ a gram and very potent. Cant go wrong.

  100. Alex (verified owner)

    For the price is really good 4/5

  101. Patb (verified owner)

    Ok strains for 5$ not much than that

  102. Bass (verified owner)

    Super potent batch, too strong for me!! 5 stars

  103. Sanj (verified owner)

    I’ve had this a couple times now and it’s never disappointed! Description is right on point! Cant beat the awesome service and pricing from Greenz, thanks!!

  104. puck (verified owner)

    Would order again.

  105. trit (verified owner)

    Burns good. Clean ash. A bit earthy tasting. Good buzz. Great price. My night time choice for sure.

  106. Luci (verified owner)

    Very nice. Best bang for your buck

  107. shaw

    Great taste ,great price . Definitely worth the try

  108. theh (verified owner)

    Amazing bud for 5 bucks a gram,will order everytime!

  109. Bubb (verified owner)

    Just got my order today and I love this strain… Little different than the first batch but still for the price you cannot go wrong!!!!

  110. devo

    Was good for me…

  111. Jone (verified owner)

    Nice big chunky nuggets, smells like a nice of smell but not the strongest. Very dry for those who love to finger bust.. I’d say JUST ok overall

  112. Gros (verified owner)

    Définitivement un de mes favoris, très bon rapport qualité / prix. 😎

  113. Sara (verified owner)

    I bought this based on the reviews but I dunno, I must’ve got a bad batch, didn’t smell very good right from the start, had a horrible taste and it was so dry I didn’t even have to cut it up, it just crumbled, burned my tongue and throat, smoked the whole joint and didn’t even get a decent high. Think I’m pass on this one next time.

  114. trit (verified owner)

    5 stars in my book folks. Very kushy smell and taste affordable, clean burn. Best bang for your buck. Get it while it lasts!

  115. drc (verified owner)

    Really…really liked this. So much so I am ordering again …right away.

  116. devo

    Gr8 stuff

  117. Mart (verified owner)

    Very good OG kush. Exactly has described. I would buy it again.

  118. stri (verified owner)

    Fresh OG smell and burns very nicely.

  119. sanc (verified owner)

    No need to do double OT to smoke this OG. Cheap and good buzz. I recommend for sure

  120. jami (verified owner)

    Great in so many ways, taste, buzz, and price for sure.

  121. kdot (verified owner)

    Great price, great product. Nice smooth smoke and a lovely high!

  122. lunn (verified owner)

    Something I have had a few times now and it never disappoints!!

  123. Sean (verified owner)

    Very nice bud, great price!

  124. Perc (verified owner)

    Bang for your buck. Awesome taste and awesome weed in general

  125. sgt (verified owner)

    works form me, good buds, tight dense

  126. jsin (verified owner)

    Good bud for the price

  127. Gyal (verified owner)

    Good taste, good smell, gets ya high and for small nugz they were decent sized

  128. goul (verified owner)

    it gave a good high .. good quality but the bud are a little bit small but for the price you can’t go wrong

  129. colw (verified owner)

    excellent product and great price!

  130. Jenn (verified owner)

    Good bud and nice taste. Recommended.

  131. Bill (verified owner)

    Love this stuff. Loooong lasting high, nice heady bizz, low price. Can’t go wrong. Recommended.

  132. Pat (verified owner)

    Viens de recevoir 1 on. de tout petits buds de rien du tout.Le buźz et le goût sont pas pire mais je suis déçu de la grosseur des buds car ce n’était pas indiqué comme tel.Vais le fumer quand même.

  133. ye (verified owner)

    I was nervous to try this because of the sale price. It quickly became one of the best strains I’ve tried. Really nice high. I just wish the high lasted longer for me.

  134. BenB (verified owner)

    Very good weed

  135. theh (verified owner)

    Really good buzz,great price, enjoyed it more than expected,I’d order again,if on sale!

  136. Sean (verified owner)

    Very nice tree’s. Great smell and taste.

  137. latr (verified owner)

    Im not a big fan of OG normally, but the price is so good. Totally worth it.

  138. Mart (verified owner)

    Very good and exactly like the picture. Really good kush taste. Excellent !

  139. Dagg (verified owner)

    Perfect smoke! Will be constantly reordering! Highly recommended!

  140. Lude (verified owner)

    Lovely smoke.

  141. MeMe (verified owner)

    5 outta 5 hands down. It has that amazing fresh strong smell of kush in the air and that taste in your mouth instantly after your first puff that went down so smooth. Untill you try and let it out and some invisible force grabs both your lungs with 2 hands and wont let go for a min. Instantly you know you fucked up and should have bought way more lol

  142. Chea (verified owner)


  143. kari

    Absolutely love OG Kush! One of my favourite strains and you can’t go wrong with this one

  144. Rosi (verified owner)

    Quite sticky. Great smoke for the price. 18/20 % return when pressed. Nice colour. Fairly fresh batch.

  145. thom (verified owner)

    Great smoke at a great price.

  146. Jamm (verified owner)

    Nice and smooth. This strain also burns clean. Happy i placed this in the order. This last run of friendly flower product has been awesome. Glad to see so many different offerings.

  147. drc (verified owner)

    This is some of the best kush for that price that I have seen in years. I would have gave this 6 stars if that was possible..

  148. Jimm (verified owner)

    Very tasty strain! Great smoke, great on my wallet!!

  149. Anto (verified owner)

    Nice price, nice taste, nice buzz!!

  150. Uzer (verified owner)

    Euh… OG, where have you been all my life?! Awesome smoke, great taste, [email protected] high, and a great wake and bake! BOOM! Needless to say ladies and gents, I have found my new favourite strain!! You must add this to your cart!

  151. SPrA (verified owner)

    Bon petit weed de jour !! Goute et sent le Kush . Le buzz est moyen, mais pour le prix il vaut la peine!!

  152. Bubb (verified owner)

    Very nice daytime high , smooth smoke a must try forsure!!!!

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