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OG Kush Shatter (7g)

(12 customer reviews)

$150.00 $145.00

  • Supplier: Friendly Extraction Co.
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  • Product Highlights
      1 x 7 Gram of OG Kush shatter by Friendly Extraction Co.


12 reviews for OG Kush Shatter (7g)

  1. king (verified owner)

    impressed very nice

  2. Kev (verified owner)

    it wasn’t the best or the worst i’ve bought for the price i’m happy

  3. SkyV (verified owner)

    Definitly not the best taste, but very potent at a good price

  4. Cann (verified owner)

    Nice shatter but a little on the darkside. Good bang for your buck

  5. JoeA (verified owner)

    A little harsh, but very strong and definitely worth the price. Will be buying again!

  6. Stvn (verified owner)

    It was very potent. Hits you hard, the taste wasn’t the best but very good product! I can’t wait till it comes available again!

  7. nell (verified owner)

    Garbage. My first gram looks like crap. Keep ya updated

  8. Dreo (verified owner)

    The high is fine but it’s unreal how bad this stuff tastes. It tastes like a mix between a barnyard and a burnt match. I don’t think I’ll be able to get through more than a gram so discount or not this has been a real bust. Very disappointed.

  9. Bean

    Tswi let me know if you want to sell yours for what you paid? I will gladly pay you $105+10 for shipping

  10. Bean

    Tswi obviously focused on the taste rather then the epic rollercoaster high where you feel lifted then floaty then sink down to a limbo level where you can basically lay on your back and levitate through the clouds of Jesus’s smoke as he too knew that this strain was created by Fucking Buddah.

  11. Tswi (verified owner)

    Poor taste and texture, wish I hadn’t bought 7g.

  12. benn

    Great shatter for the price. Im not a shatter connoisseur but based on what I have sampled at higher price points I would probably get this before something more “exotic” (and more expensive)

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