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MK Ultra Smalls

(30 customer reviews)

$12.00 / gram - $280.00 / 28 grams $6.00 / gram - $150.00 / 28 grams

  • Supplier: Yaletown Flower Co.

Out of stock


  • Strain Highlights:
    YTFC MK Ultra, decent sized deep green nugs caked with crystal with an earthy sweet kushy nose and a good burn.
  • MK Ultra is a potent indica cross of OG Kush and G-13, its strong relaxing and euphoric effects are best suited for treating pain, stress, insomnia, depression and lack of appetite.


30 reviews for MK Ultra Smalls

  1. terr (verified owner)

    Very potent,strong buzz,good price.

  2. Jamm (verified owner)

    First time having this strain and won’t be the last. Even though it was smalls they were a nice size. Plenty of purple and hairs throughout

  3. Alin (verified owner)

    I only got a few grams to try out.. Really wish I got more. I love the taste! Such a nice heavy feeling aswell! Can’t wait for this one to come back!

  4. danc (verified owner)

    Strong buzz for smalls great price the taste is a tarp flavor

  5. dies (verified owner)

    Nice bud. Great taste and smell. Can’t go wrong for the price

  6. luc7 (verified owner)

    One of my favourite indica for nighttime use.

  7. trum (verified owner)

    One of my favorite strains.

  8. FaHr (verified owner)

    nice smoke. just got on Monday. burns slow. clean ash no fizzle. couple of straggler stems but just take your time before busting . beautiful smell and nice taste.

  9. Dart (verified owner)

    Taste great burns well and may have to go on a secret mission to the fridge just don’t go MIA

  10. cbat (verified owner)

    One of my favourite strains from here! Recommend A+++

  11. Cali (verified owner)

    Was a good high.

  12. Yan8 (verified owner)

    Was surprised with the comforting taste and smell.. like an earthy dessert! Smooth enjoyable smoke, nice balanced buzz.

  13. Jazz (verified owner)

    Decent I had the mk before maybe month ago was better ……..

  14. Chro (verified owner)

    Great bud! My order wasn’t too dry and i think it was on par or better then the purple candy strain. I get a super refreshing and uplifting high from it! Would defiantly recommend!!

  15. Lord (verified owner)

    Wow these MK smalls were awesome! Not the biggest fan of MK but this was tasty and potent, smoked great, smelled great and was even visually impressive!
    But the best part was that it pressed at 25% into nice rosin…on the cheap DIY setup!!

  16. Diam (verified owner)

    I tried this due to the sale price and I was impressed. Tiny buds just the high was there and only a little harsh to start. Will buy the reg. to try now

  17. terr (verified owner)

    Really nice fat buds! Worth every dollar.Get some!

  18. Wmok (verified owner)

    Loved the taste and the look of it. The high was awesome. The buds are dense and full of crystal.

  19. West (verified owner)

    This ml ultra smalls is great. Smells great lots of Crystal’s.
    Tastes good smokes great and it’s great for before bed really nice cerebral buzz

  20. Mart (verified owner)

    One of the best MK Ultra I ever had. Definitely 5stars. Wish I had order more.

  21. coop (verified owner)

    Nice tasty buds with a nice potent effect worth the money.

  22. king (verified owner)

    great one for pain

  23. Anto (verified owner)

    Small buds, but good buzz! Nice strain!

  24. Dart (verified owner)

    Loved this strain worth buying again

  25. Alex (verified owner)

    Really great for the price 5/5

  26. AbzA (verified owner)

    Nice buzz

  27. XX (verified owner)

    Very good

  28. Minz (verified owner)

    Cant go wrong at that price. One of my favourite strains for all day use

  29. king (verified owner)

    nice smell and taste worth it at a good $6 pricetag

  30. tgun (verified owner)

    Harsh smoke but good relaxing high otherwise

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