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Red Dragon

(12 customer reviews)

$11.00 / gram - $240.00 / 28 grams $10.00 / gram - $200.00 / 28 grams

  • Supplier: Yaletown Flower Co.

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  • Strain Highlights:
      YTFC Red Dragon,medium sized light green nugs with a good coating of crystal and a pungent fruity / creamy nose with a decent burn.

    • Red Dragon is an exotic slightly sativa dominant hybrid of West Himalayan Kush and Utopia haze its potent energetic and happy effects have been known to cause some users to feel anxious and can not be the best for patients suffering from anxiety, that said Red Dragon is best suited for treating stress, pain, depression, fatigue and insomnia.


Range (gram)Price ($/gram)
0 - 6 gram$11.00 / gram $10.00 / gram
28+ gram$8.57 / gram $7.14 / gram
14 - 27 gram$8.93 / gram $7.86 / gram
7 - 13 gram$10.00 / gram $8.57 / gram

12 reviews for Red Dragon

  1. rlaj

    Received as a free sample, like others said, decent but not amazing.

  2. Carl

    Also got this as a sample smells good,taste a bit of fruity with earthiness to it,looks decent but does’nt have the kapowow.

  3. Chro

    Have gotten twice for samples, nice taste and smell. hasnt wowed me but at least 7/10

  4. fufu

    Also got this as a sample, nice and smooth taste, I would definitely buy this on sale but even $9/gram seems a bit overpriced for this strain

  5. trim

    Like so many others, got this as a free gram from my first order. Spicy nose, sativa dominant, and ultimately a pleasant experience. Albeit pricey for it’s caliber, I can see a lot of smokers enjoying this strain for it’s classic-feeling high.

    Snag some on sale, but otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to justify it.

  6. cbat

    Received this as a sample and I highly recommend getting this!!

  7. WmkW

    Good stuff but a bit expansive nice sample 🙂

  8. chuc

    Was gifted some of this on my most recent order and Its amazing for daytime smoke . super tasty

  9. odre (verified owner)

    Bon gout pas trop ruff sur la gorge. Bon buzz aussi.

  10. Vkin

    I received as a complimentary sample and in contrast to my other reviews, I’ll try and keep it short! Cannot go too in depth as I didn’t have too much to sample from. But I am gracious to have at least tried this strain, as I wouldn’t normally pay $10/g. But that’s just me.

    Based on the batch I received; Which there really should be some kind of traceability or a batch code system with minimally a date stamp so reviews can be consistent enough with ea/other.

    Appearance: 6/10
    Nose: 6/10
    Taste 7/10
    Density: 7/10
    Burn: 8/10
    Sativa:/Indica: 80/20 (imo)

    General sense:

    Dizzying focus and feel lazy. Moth mouth, parched and .. I’m EXTREMELY famished right about now!! … Which reminds me, I have doughnuts in the fridge… mmmm… doughnuts! =P


    P.S: two-words, too horny!
    This strain tends to bring out your inner lychenthrope!! So be weary, traverse with caution…
    You’ve been warned, lol !

  11. gran

    Received this as a gift. It’s actually a great daytime bud! I tend to get too much anxiety with a heavy sativa, rather this is definitely an indica but with a nice motivator in it to keep you moving, without the racing heartbeat. It’s not a big sample, but I’m gonna call it a bit of a cheesy nose, it’s kinda lost in the other 2 large orders of kush I have been sniffing, lol….I am really enjoying the smoothness of this bud, nice and clean. If it let me, I would give it 3.5 stars.

  12. tgun

    got as a sample, not the worst, not the best – good to mix with other buds

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