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Sour Amnesia Smalls

(35 customer reviews)

$10.00 / gram - $200.00 / 28 grams $5.00 / gram - $130.00 / 28 grams

  • Supplier: Yaletown Flower Co.

Out of stock


      Yaletown Flower Co. Sour Amnesia, medium sized deep green frosty nugs with a pungent citrus nose with hints of gas and a good burn.

        • Sour Amnesia is a potent sativa cross of Sour Diesel and Amnesia, its uplifting euphoric effects are best suited for treating pain, depression, lack of appetite stress and fatigue.


Range (gram)Price ($/gram)
0 - 27 gram$10.00 / gram $5.00 / gram
28+ gram$7.14 / gram $4.64 / gram

35 reviews for Sour Amnesia Smalls

  1. Moos (verified owner)

    They called them smalls but if you get smalls from here, especially YTFC they are actual nugs but not the half shake half dime sized barely call it nugs this was. I’ve had it for a month and dont even want to smoke it. Probably give it away. And I ordered an ounce. So ya.

  2. terr (verified owner)

    Ya not bad.price is right!

  3. Anto (verified owner)

    Small bud but good buzz!

  4. Chri (verified owner)

    Did the trick, kinda. But, no buds at all. I got 5 gs of Shake. Which is very disappointing. Not impressed with this strain either way

  5. Spor (verified owner)

    Very nice bud. My review will not be as long as Vkin…lol.

    I found it to be a good high, nice smoke and about 1 to 1.5 hour affect for me. Then again I have a high tolerance.

    Would recommend as my friends love it as well.

  6. Stev (verified owner)

    At 5 a g you can’t go wrong, this was my go to strain out of the few I ordered last time..buds are a bit leafy but can’t complain for the price. Definitely does the job!

  7. Ajfi (verified owner)

    Really different then anything ive come accross…Great smoke for the price!

  8. Ketc

    Awesome strain amazing high takes the pain away feel energized not to harsh burns well on the hotknives get the munchies awesome all in all even it’s a little leafy not to bad though with leaves

  9. Ciga (verified owner)

    Itsy Bitsy green frosty nugs! Interesting taste.

  10. Gyal (verified owner)

    Light green fluffy nugs, smells of pine, and citrus, fresh smelling. Good high & taste

  11. Jame (verified owner)

    Little leafy and found a couple seeds. Decent smoke

  12. thun (verified owner)

    honestly one of the not so good pick ups ive had here, very leafly, lots of seeds, sun dyed leafs, smells unpleasant, thinking maybe a bit old? i dont know but definitely something that should be stepped up a few notches even at this price, especially for smalls.

  13. Ciga (verified owner)

    This does not disappoint, pretty good flavour.

  14. Cann (verified owner)

    So good I order an oz of the regular buds and wow ,great ,smooth and tasty

  15. Vkin (verified owner)

    I present to you an unbiased and ‘ethically’ described experience over a period of time, (Elevation, Peak and Plateau) during which I bunned from a fresh sesh!! You’re welcome 🙂

    (Elevation and Peak)

    (See)Photosensitive; Slight hallucinogenic visuals and pulsating of red-green when observing the different light spectrums from room-to-room. Would be an excellent evening strain to go out to a party, and still have the reassurance that you could both carry on a conversation and be able to perform.. wicked dance moves, etc. heh! 😉

    As for other visuals, some shadowy figures appear far enough in your peripheral that it’s enough of a distraction for you to look and see wtf! .. That, or my pad is haunted…

    Heady cerebral buzz, and surprisingly longer lasting. It’s been an hour 3 hours since I initially bunned, and I still feel as though that peak sensation is lingering in my head and body, but in a good way!

    (Plateau) Body feels relaxed, excellent for inflammation and pain.
    Sobering lull meanwhile still focused enough to write this review, apply for a job, and answer emails.

    Dry eyes and pasties a bit, but nothing extreme (atypical for most strains) so have a drink within arms reach … of a buddy! With blood pressure increasing, you can feel it behind your eyes and inside your ears, so it holds a heady high, easily.

    Minimal burn on exhale. A bit harsh in my opinion, but vaping was perfect for taste and a little less intense/overwhelming, but gradual and very relaxing (that’s a whole other review).

    In my opinion, Sour Amnesia feels more like a well balanced hybrid, (70Sat. – 30Ind.) instead of a straight Sativa, as advertised/described on Leafly.

    As for the creative types, definitely worth a strain to pick up for those long writing sessions … So put some ear-buds in, throw on some tunes paired with a cup of coffee, etc.

    As for appearance, it’s nothing extraordinary. Fluffy and not as dense as I would like, but this is mother nature, so bless her heart! It holds what trichomes it does boast and nose is fruity with earth undertones.

    Sour Amnesia is definitely in my top shelf whenever it becomes available/affordable. Great for gaming, like Apex(being focused) or RDR2 style(being immersed and getting lost) which are both characteristics of Sativa and Indica phenotypes.

    Hours after writing this, I’m still feeling elevated, undeniably a hidden gem!

    • Gree

      Thank you for such a creative and thorough review, please leave us a note on your next order, we would like to send you something for your effort!!

  16. LD (verified owner)

    Great smoke. LOVE the pungent smell. One of my fave strains is Sour Diesel. This is great!

  17. jsin (verified owner)

    Great burn, good daytime smoke. Great deal as always from Greenz!

  18. benn (verified owner)

    Great smoke for the price. Not the best “smalls” batch I’ve purchased but still no complaints

  19. TSTS (verified owner)

    Great day time high

  20. theh (verified owner)

    Not my favorite,but you can’t beat the price,good bud for the rookie in your life,!

  21. Sara (verified owner)

    Doesnt look the best but it tastes awesome and has a really good buzz. One of my favs

  22. Stev (verified owner)

    It was a bit leafy. But there are potent little buds underneath. Great sativa buzz!

  23. Chro (verified owner)

    I was instantly impressed with the look and smell of this one! Such a nice giggly and uplifting high, an amazing deal for the quality!

  24. West (verified owner)

    Good for the price. I had to smoke 2 fatties just to catch a decent buzz. Smells nice.

  25. Stev (verified owner)

    Pretty leafy but besides that this is good bud! Especially for the price!

  26. aure (verified owner)

    the more i smoke this the more i like it the taste is awesome and it gets you nice and high and cant complain about the price

  27. hopp (verified owner)

    This strain definitely doesn’t smoke, smell or get you high by any means. Leafy small buds but good taste. 1st time I’ve come across a weak strain from here.

  28. Bren (verified owner)

    Great deal. Decent weed for a good price. No burnout. Highly recommend.

  29. nerc (verified owner)

    Great day time high

  30. Dart (verified owner)

    Not bad burn or taste decent but for Smalls not bad but yes leafy but shake makes want to get a Bud next time than shake might be stronger then

  31. BenB (verified owner)

    Very good weed

  32. nerc (verified owner)

    Leafy but good bud!

  33. aure (verified owner)

    great taste nice crystally buds, with a price you cant complain, worth the money

  34. Sara (verified owner)

    I thought this stuff was so great that I just ordered another ounce of it. Yeah it’s a bit leafy but that doesnt affect it any gave me one of those perma grin stone. Great strain

  35. WmkW (verified owner)

    Good taste nice buzz but a bit leafly

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