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Variety Pack Shatter SS

(40 customer reviews)

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  • Supplier: Seven Star

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Product Highlights7 gram variety pack of seven star Shatter (Email or make a note on your order for preferences and we will do our best as long as supply lasts)
***UPDATE, with the sale we are starting to run lower on seven star shatter, we will do our best to accommodate flavor choices but it is first come first serve and replacements will have to be made.******


40 reviews for Variety Pack Shatter SS

  1. JJ (verified owner)

    Nice taste and good deal. Very happy.

  2. jess (verified owner)

    Amazing! Will order again! 💜

  3. JJ (verified owner)

    Awesomeness!! Thanks team greenz!!

  4. VicT (verified owner)

    This variety pack has become my go-to for shatter. I love the Seven Star shatters for how clean they melt down in a quartz banger, no matter the strain. Just as a tip…If you check what strains are available as individual purchases, you can request which strains you want in the order notes.

  5. nell (verified owner)

    7 different types of great shatter. Taste was great

  6. Bron (verified owner)

    Great assortment of quality product. I’m ordering again now!

  7. Chea (verified owner)

    best stuff ever!!!

  8. Blaz (verified owner)

    Absolutely great quality never a let down with seven star everything tasted great had there own terp profiles definitely a buy for any concentrate lovers

  9. ATea (verified owner)

    Great product at an unbeatable price.

  10. LpLp (verified owner)

    Love these just wish you could pick what kinds you want

  11. Dreo (verified owner)

    I got a pack of sativa-leaning strains. Absolutely amazing quality and the value in this pack is great!

  12. SkyV (verified owner)

    Seven star is trully the most flavourfull shatter out there, can be purchase with coupon which cut off the price even more. Good review and packaging. I could give 7 stars out of 5 😉

  13. LpLp (verified owner)

    Still love this pack but I wish there was a way to pick the flavours you want. It not guaranteed you get what you note even when they remain in stock.

  14. derd (verified owner)

    Some strains I’ve tried from other brands, but not this one yet and some strains I’ve not yet heard of or tried until now. I’m excited to try the rest. Overall a really decent deal.

  15. LpLp (verified owner)

    Love this shatter pack it’s the best deal around. Keep bringing new flavours!! I will buy anytime especially when there’s 15% off what a steal

  16. gree (verified owner)

    The best pack a pack you can get!

    A1 pack

  17. Chea (verified owner)


  18. Myrk (verified owner)

    Lovely deal, it is nice to be able to get so many different strains. Most online MOMs don’t allow mix & match. I <3 Greenz.

  19. Conc (verified owner)

    Good deal 7 different types of shatter. The variety packs are the best deal I hope you guys get more, thanks greenz.

  20. Lift (verified owner)

    Love this deal, love this site. Great variety and awesome flavours. You really can’t go wrong. Keeps us medicated. Stay lifted.

  21. coha (verified owner)

    Still a great value, and if you time it right you can apply discount codes to get even more savings. Packaged nice, all individually sealed. I have only ever gotten one batch that had one open in it. Seven star still makes great shatter, potent and flavorful. Good medical information about the products are displayed . I recommend just getting a mix for your first time, and then request your favorites on subsequent purchases in the comments of your order.

  22. katr (verified owner)

    Best deal for shatter online ! Great discount and you can choose a variety. I got a mix of budder and shatter and loved all strains. A mix of indica and sativa

  23. 420c (verified owner)

    This time I tried other strains. All are unique. Great to have so many options. Thanks GREENZ!

  24. 420c (verified owner)

    Amazing price
    Amazing quality
    Rediculious strain options… Over 15 to choose from. Can’t go wrong.!.

    My favourites.
    Bubba kush
    Pink kush
    White cookies. 
    Too many choices. I got 2 variety packs.

  25. Cmar (verified owner)

    Un des.meilleur deal que jai vue qualiter prix sa vaux vraiment la peine de lesseiyer sourtout que tu peut choisir tes preference pour les sorte c plus que parfai pour les gros consomateur de shatter

  26. morg (verified owner)

    I LOVE 7 star, in my opinion it is better than the more expensive gastown shatter. My favourite part is that there is always a good selection of sativa- dominant shatter which is hard to match. 100% would buy again

  27. Cmar (verified owner)

    Tres bonne qualiter prix best deal et tu peut choisir les sorte ses juste parfait je vous le conseille a tous

  28. Dona (verified owner)

    Really nice shatter for an incredibly cheap price – I always let the house do the selection as the variety is always broader than I would choose and some of my favorites have come this way. If you like to smoke shatter this is the best deal in town.

  29. alex (verified owner)

    I had a 3shatter and 4 budder ….all was Good and smooth Nothing exeptionnal but at this price point toi cant go wrong thumbs up

  30. Nail (verified owner)

    Quality assortment of quality products 🙂

  31. cash (verified owner)

    Second round of orders, and just as exquisite. Thank you for consistent prices & product.

  32. cash (verified owner)

    Excellent variety, high quality product. 8/10 for shatter–10/10 for price. Doesn’t hurt that Greenz have some of the best CS i’ve dealt with.

  33. Quic (verified owner)

    Another good mix! One of my fave shatters now.

  34. Jere (verified owner)

    I liked how you can mix it up with budder and shatter you don’t have to just pick all shatter that right there was awesome so I got half and half man good stuff indeed

  35. pink (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved this purchase. Variety! Waiting for Greenz to re-up to get another one.

  36. Nail (verified owner)

    What a selection. Each with there own uniqueness. Please reup on this sample pack!

  37. Quic (verified owner)

    A good deal and a great way to sample the Seven Star products, most were enjoyable.

  38. terr (verified owner)

    Very impressed, good stuff. Will order more 🙂

  39. 420c (verified owner)

    Amazing deal.. Both on cost and quality. Very impressed with the variety of strains. New packaging is very appealing to the eye. Easy to sort.
    I’ve found the consistency of Seven Star bho is always brittle and amber certainly not yellow. Throughout all of the strains.Very impressed and happy with my purchase and service. Fast shipping. Great fast customer service.

  40. coha (verified owner)

    Seven Stars Concentrates are flavorful, potent, well packaged, and varied, all around they are an incredible bang for your buck at the normal price of 45 a gram. This makes them an even better deal at 35 a gram, can be brought down even more with a sale or reward points. It is convenient that you can swap out budder if you want.

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